Christmas Time With Family and Relatives

christmasOne of the much waited holiday by everyone is the Christmas season which most people have a long vacation and can spend time with their selves, family and friends. For me, this is what I am waiting for the whole year round. This is the season of love, sharing and thankfulness for the whole year that we had and for all the blessings that we have.




My Mt. Everest

The Wallflower Wanderer

The tallest, fiercest beast of rock, ice and snow on the planet goes by many names. 

If you’re the average Nepali, you’ve grown up calling it Sagarmāthā, meaning “forehead in the sky.” If you’re a native speaker of the Tibetan languages, it is the “mother of the world” or, Chomolungma. But those of us who have not had the rare pleasure of casting our eyes from a young age upward toward the behemoth, which rises like a ghost from the Mahalangur mountain range — we know it as Mt. Everest.

Mt. Everest-1-2

It’s 5:45am and I’m making my way in darkness toward the nearest main road from my Airbnb in the Lainchaur neighborhood of Kathmandu.

The simple but sturdy four-story concrete home is buried deep in a pocket of squiggling half-paved, half-dirt streets that don’t appear to have names. Many are scarcely wide enough for a single car to pass people on foot.

Even at this early hour, when I reach the big…

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Homni: The new superorganism taking over Earth

Wandering Gaia

In Ancient Greek mythology, the Earth Goddess Gaia had nine titan sons, who attempted to control not just the Earth, but the entire Universe. I’d like to introduce another. It’s a new creature who emerged only in recent decades. But it’s a creature who is already as influential over life on the planet as the phytoplankton or forests that regulate global temperature, the weather and the air we breathe.

That new creature is us, or more precisely, what humanity is becoming. The entirety of our species, Homo sapiens, is evolving into a superorganism; I’ll call this new life force Homo omnis, or ‘Homni’.

We have now become the dominant force shaping our planet. Some say that because of our actions we have entered a new geological epoch: the Anthropocene, or the age of man. Homni is a product of this age, a product of human industrialisation, population…

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Little Things

Source of Inspiration

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!
It’s not the mighty beasts
of the jungle that we
need to worry about but
rather the fleas, ticks, spiders
that can bring us down.

Little bite here, another there
buzzing in the ear
crawly thing you can’t find
under your clothes. One by one
they drive us to distraction.

World wars, famine, end of times
will have to wait
because relentless mosquitoes
are keeping me awake.

You laugh, but it is often
little things that wear us down
make us give up
steal the light from
our eyes.

Pay attention to the every day
petty faults and problems.
Stop them before they get worse.
Take care of your health
your immediate world
family and friends
for it is here that
our problems begin.

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Travelling on Negative Effects of Being a Boxer

Nowadays, boxing is the prestigious sports to our poor community especially in rural areas. Due to greatness of our boxing champ Manny Pacquiao, most minors in poor community aspiring to be a boxer like him, besides of being popular, a man with a multiple amount of wealth that he can boast on to.

Rolando NavarreteIn some parts of General Santos City, there are some youths saying that “the money is in boxing, in order for us to be in fame and affluent, we should conquer the world of boxing.” Because of there social status they easily come up with those things that can deliver them in richness but they don’t even know boxing can harm them in different serious ways, what’s on there mind is to gain money for there families to uphold with the impoverishment in life.

According to and nation, as of July 2008, Philippines population is rapidly increased by 96 million and 40% of its nation is in poverty line. General Santos City is also included in the trend of poor segment of society; a lot of minors in the said city are ambitioning to be a boxer in the future. They idolized other boxers who have reached the top, but on the other side of the view, disadvantages are in their way before they reach the thrown.

The American Association of Neurological Surgeons say that 90% of the boxers sustain brain injury, Boxing has fewer account of deaths than some other sports but the victims of suffering brain damage is highly rising. Head injury in boxing is common; being punch on head can cause face and tissue damage in the brain, fracture to the bone of head and major concussions. A hit can destroy our tear nerve networks and lesions that can cause brain tumor and bleeding and sometimes produce large clots within the brain.

Boxing can cause numerous numbers of injuries especially in head. It is estimated that when a boxer gets an indirect hit to the head it is like being blown blow by a 12lb padded wooden mallet traveling at 20 mph.

Boxing can cause Body Damage 

Like a cut that lives them permanent scars, bruises an injury that doesn’t break the skin but results in some discoloration, broken teeth, dental problems, broken ribs that leads to compromise ventilation by causing pain, which can prevent proper ventilation and coughing. This impairment may result in atelectasis, retained secretions, and pneumonia. Multiple rib fractures can cause flail chest, which may result in ventilators insufficiency due to ineffective respiratory action and lastly the internal bleeding of internal organs.

Boxing can cause Eye Injuries

Even though some boxer uses safety equipment to protect their major parts of our body, they can also derive different eye injuries. Like retina injury, retinal detachment and retinal hemorrhage. Our eyes are very vulnerable by direct hit that can result injury in retina it may cause sensitive lining of the eye use for sight, mascular degeneration occurs when retina is damaged causing of central vision damaged while the retinal detachment is a kind of separation of black wall of the eye, when the retina separates the circulation of blood supply will be reduced and its ability can adopt light rays will be interrupt. If this thing happens the data that enters to brain will no longer transmit that can blindness. The other eye injury that we can gain is retina hemorrhage it is bleeding into an area of the retina the part of the eye that lies in the back of the eye and responsible for receiving light it may also cause blindness.

Some of the ex-boxer is experience deterioration in old age due prone of punches and blows the side of boxing occurs in the old age most likely after 10 to 15 years of retirement. Some of them suffer diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. Boxers inner grey surface in brain matter is smaller and thinner. The ventricles within the brain enlarged due to decrease in the brain’s white matter.

One amateur Filipino boxer died from serious head injuries sustained during a bout against a Thai boxer last year in Bangkok. The Filipino boxer underwent to a surgery to remove the blood clot from his brain after he fell insensible before he gets his way to dinner after reviving his fourth-round knockout loss. The Amateur Filipino boxer died with a heart failure and failed to retain his wit after his surgery.

Boxers must wear safety equipment to lessen the severe effect of injuries. According to, about 20% percent of professional boxers develop chronic traumatic brain injury (CTBI). Some studies have suggested that amateur boxers also damage their nervous system. Chronic traumatic brain injury (CTBI) associated with boxing occurs in approximately 20% of professional boxers. Risk factors associated with CTBI include increased exposure, poor performance and increased in sparring. Boxers exhibiting CTBI will present with varying degrees of motor, cognitive and behavioral impairments. It is also known as dementia puglistica, chronic encephalopathy or the punch drunk syndrome, it represents the cumulative, long term neurological consequences and sub-concussive blows to the brain. This disease is infrequently encountered by the amateur boxers unless they have excessive exposure to the sport.

Nikolai Valuev

Increasing exposure to boxing may have risk in enological injury, CTBI risk factors are from retirement after 28 to 30 years, boxing longer than 10 years or fought for more than 150 bouts. Cognitive impairment in CTBI is mostly to affect attention, memory and executive or frontal function. Early manifestations of CTBI can include decreased complex attention followed by slowed mental speed and mild deficits in memory, lethargic in movement and speech, attention and executive ability.

Learning of boxing to minors will have bad benefits to their health especially to there mental perception and adaptation in other things. Minors will consider boxing as part of there daily life that leads to violence. For those children whose lives are in poverty line, boxing is not the answer for their financial problem. There are youths sojourning the field of boxing because of poor status, but the remedy to uphold their status is education.

The youth can attain the top through education and not battering their selves. In education they will acquire new knowledge and discover different things they will value each and anawangin zambales everyone that they will see, they are going to live like a child. By producing hard-working and dedication in education, they can change our lives.

Life is not permanent, everything in this world changes especially our destiny, we are the one who’s making our history and we are the one who knows what’s right for us.


That’s a Wrap: A Snapshot of November’s Photo 101 Course

The Daily Post

As I’d mentioned in the final Photography 101 post, congratulations again to participants in our first-ever Blogging U. course dedicated to photoblogging. November proved to be a fun, busy month of picture-taking and blog posting, and we hope you enjoyed meeting other bloggers in the Commons and pushing yourself to meet your daily publishing goals.

Throughout November, we were excited to see a wide range of participants — from brand-new bloggers to veteran photographers — connect, teach, and learn from one another. We also enjoyed seeing different interpretations of the daily themes, from your locations all over the world.

A wonderful interpretation of swarm: Synchronous Swarm, Mitch Zeissler, Exploratorius

We plan to run this course again, as well as new 201-level courses focused on different elements of photography. Throughout the month, we noted your feedback on the assortment of themes and tips, as well as the course pacing and…

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