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Fantastic Birthday Getaways to my Girlfriend

Happy Birthday JhenBefore anything else, I just wanted to share what do I have in mind before the special day of girlfriend. Two weeks before my girlfriend’s birthday, I don’t know where we are going and what is the setting of her occasion. And then I planned to bring her to Palawan, I thought Palawan was also part of Puerto Gallera which was I astonish. We had several discussion about the about the location but we never knew our plan will be fulfilled. February 28, 2013 came and then we finalized everything just make it in Puerto Gallera, March 1, 2013 is the day we will travel.

First, we asked some barkers on the Buendia Station to know the directions in going to Puerto Gallera, they advice us to ride a bus up to Batangas Pier and after that ride a ferry boat to make it in our exact destination. We made those pieces of advice of the barkers and fulfilled our long time planned. When we were there, we tried to looked for rest house, it was expensive but fine to us because we don’t think about the price of the trip, we were at the beauty of the scenery.  It was definitely paradise for me, because I haven’t seen such wonderful place like that.  That’s the second location I came through with white sand but it’s definitely perfect.

Superb in great sceneries, clean beach water, a lot of fun and excitement due to bMindoro's Slingars and souvenir shops.  In our first day of vacation, we got rest for the whole day and then in the night, we went to bar to drink a celebrate my girlfriends special day. “I greet her Happy Birthday Jhen” and she replies thanks for an outing getaway to Metro. This is totally great.  We spent whole night long by drinking and feel the scent of the beach and look for people who were dancing on the dance floor.  If you were going to look in every bars, you will see liquor named “Mindoro’s Sling” well I don’t know the mix flavors of this drink but upon looking at the bartender’s rack. I saw mixes of fruits, gin and sugar. I won’t forget that night because it was my first time to drink that kind of mix-up liquor it can easily make you drunk but it was definitely delightful.

Going Serial, Part II: If You Break It, They Will Come

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What do Anna Karenina, The Three Musketeers, and the stories of Sherlock Holmes have in common? They all started as serialized projects, with installments appearing in magazines on a weekly or monthly basis. Many bloggers are taking a cue from these classics, rediscovering the joys of serial fiction — perhaps you should, too?

In part one of Going Serial, we discussed how having regularly scheduled features on your blog can help boost traffic and reader loyalty, as well as give structure to your own writing habits. Now, just in time for Web Serial Writing Month (aka August), let’s take a closer look at how the same concept can apply to a perennially popular niche: fiction writing. (Non-fiction, memoir, history writers: keep reading! Did you know Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood was also first serialized? You’re writing narratives, too!)

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