Little Things

Source of Inspiration

Lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!
It’s not the mighty beasts
of the jungle that we
need to worry about but
rather the fleas, ticks, spiders
that can bring us down.

Little bite here, another there
buzzing in the ear
crawly thing you can’t find
under your clothes. One by one
they drive us to distraction.

World wars, famine, end of times
will have to wait
because relentless mosquitoes
are keeping me awake.

You laugh, but it is often
little things that wear us down
make us give up
steal the light from
our eyes.

Pay attention to the every day
petty faults and problems.
Stop them before they get worse.
Take care of your health
your immediate world
family and friends
for it is here that
our problems begin.

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